Takeshi Akimoto


Plays with Ziggy Marley.
He also is a sub guitar player for TV Show " Jimmy Kimmel Live " house band and occasionally played with George Duke.
Recording sessions include " Love Is My Religion ", " Family Time ", " Wild And Free " , " Ziggy Marley In Concert " , " Fly Rasta " by Ziggy
" B is for Bob " by Bob Marley.
" Raya Yarbrough " by Raya Yarbrough.
Soundtracks for " Rest Stop - Don't Look Back " by Bear McCreary etc................

Check out Takeshi's upcoming tour dates: http://ziggymarley.com/#upcoming-shows


Guitars: Gibson, Fender, James Tyler, Schecter, Taylor, Guild, Sago Guitars etc.......
Amps: Fender, Bogner, Naylor, Custom Audio, Heritage, Egnater, VHT, VOX, Matchless, Divided By 13, Tophat Amps etc.......
Effects: Xotic, AYA, Fulltone, Analogman, Landgraff, Custom Audio Electronics, XTS, BOSS, Maxon, Ibanez, TC Electronics, Electro Harmonix, Providence, Lexicon, EWS, Voodoo LAB, Guyatone, Majik Box, Jackques, Nobels, Rockett Pedal, Line 6, ZVEX, Moog, Teese RMC, Free The Tone, Crazy Tube Circuits
Empress, Swaptronics, Solidgold FX, Strymon etc.......
Strings: Curt Mangan Strings
Cables: Belden, George L's, Colossal Cables.
Cases: SKB Cases, MONO.

I've been using the String Saver Saddle with this guitar (in the photo) since 1996 or so and honestly I don't remember when I broke strings the last time. They really work!!

TUSQ Picks are another great product that Graph Tech has to offer. They are very useful especially when I double my acoustic guitar track using different TUSQ Picks. Also it is a really nice option for me to be able to tweak my tone on the fly just changing them on the gig while my amp and effects settings remain the same.” - Takeshi Akimoto