Joe Becker


Although he is primarily known for his guitar playing, Joe is a multi-instrumentalist who also plays bass and piano in addition to singing.  Playing guitar since the age of four, and classed as a child prodigy by Chicago radio personality Jonathon Brandmeier at the age of 7, Joe has had a long time to perfect his craft as is shown on releases with some of what are considered to be the world’s greatest artists.  Maintaining status as one of the most popular, “underground” guitarists around he relies on graphtech for many of the machines used in the studio.  Graph Tech was present for his first official release on an indie-major label back in 2002 and is still present today.


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“[TUSQ] is better than bone.  I’m not sure why.  You can feel it and tell, though.  If the feel, the tone and benefits like the string life being extended are there, I’m not sure what else you need.” - Joe Becker