Artists who use Graph Tech Components

Who's using Graph Tech?  Here is just a few of the artists who rely on Graph Tech products to help perform at the top of their game. At Graph Tech, none of our artists or endorsers are paid to use our products, they choose our products.  From the bar to Wembley Stadium, Graph Tech products, components and upgrades have seen every size of stage in the world. 

Want to become a Graph Tech Artist?

Working closely with musicians helps us develop and improve our products, so we want to work with you to get the word out on our String Savers, ghost modular pickup system, TUSQ nuts and saddles, Black TUSQ XL nuts, ResoMax and LB63 bridges along with all future Graph Tech innovations.

Graph Tech is proud to stand behind its artists through varying levels of support. We are eager to help our artists connect with one and other and reach out to other Graph Tech enthusiasts. 

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