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Chops PrePlay
balances your skin's pH level to protect your guitar, hardware and strings from damage caused by oily and/or acidic hands.  It's hypoallergenic and absorbs in seconds without and greasy feel.  PrePlay also conditions your hands with natural ingredients and oil extracts including sandalwood, lemon grass, black tea, mallow, clove, Irish moss, rosemary and chamomile.  PrePlay will noticeably improve feel, slide and glide.  It will also leave your hands with a fresh, clean citrus smell and a smooth silky finish

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It's all in the hands. Any seasoned pro will tell you, your hands are an integral part of your tone and feel when you play.  They control how you pick, how your fingers glide and hold the strings, and how your squeeze great sound out of every note.  Your hands may also be your instrument's greatest enemy, as the acid, they leave behind eats away at the strings and precious hardware.