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“Playing a variety of musical styles, I use the new TUSQ picks for the incredible range of tone they offer! From bright zing to a dark mellow tone, they actually allow you to quickly alter the tone needed for the specific instrument or song by simply changing the pick! – An amazing advancement in flat-pick technology.” - Rock Clouser, Independent live, pit and session - string multi-instrumentalist

“I really like these picks. The tone is great, and I like the attack (solid without much extra noise). I'm used to very thick picks, so when Graph Tech come out with an extra-heavy gauge, the pick will be even better (for me). But the A5 picks are wonderful, especially on my acoustic. The harmonics sparkle!”
- Dallas Sutherland

“Best pick for acoustics I have ever used!”
- James Brill

“The Tusq pick is truly amazing. I never thought a pick could be do determinant to my tone. It's tough as nails -yet thin! It really improves the way I hit and feel the strings.”
Juan Cruz Masotta

"Love the new Tusq picks! I first bought three 6 packs from Sam Ash to try and liked them so much I just picked up a 72 bag. Don't stop making them :)" 
Al Buie

“All I can say is WOW! They truly do make a difference, especially when I'm in my home studio. They help deliver a clear, clean and vibrant tone that is hard to describe....Thanks!!!!!!!!"
- Jim White

"I love how the TUSQ picks are stiff and really seem like they fatter my tone! They are my top choice!" 
- Cole Reeves

"After a short bit with them I really like them. I have looked for a long time for a thin pick that was stiff. They sent a thin, a med and a heavy one and I like them all. I have a new favorite over the tortex ones that was my previous fave." 
- Jim DaddyO

“It's an excellent pick which seems to give me great tone with little to no pick 'noise', floats very smoothly across the strings and it's easy to hold as well. I am frankly quite amazed at how good this pick seems to be and in forty years of playing guitar it's one of the best picks I have ever used! It may be the perfect pick and I plan on buying more immediately and telling my friends about it as well. Thanks so much for a great product!”
- Kim Young 

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent product that is the Graph Tech Tusq guitar pick. I have used the same nylon picks for 15+ yrs and likely would not have changed.  They are superior to my old picks in every way...tone, feel, and a new sense of authority against the string. Thanks!”
- Stephen Kramer

“I got my picks today and I was always using a dark grey Jim Dunlop 88mm for 10 or more years ..and it took 5 mins for me to change my mind it gave me harmonics out the ass and my strings sounded not as dead over all helped tone and feel.”
- Clayton Mark 

“Fantastic!!!.. I've been a JazzIII user for 20+ years, and I've been experimenting a lot lately with something different.
 I believe I've found it in your sample pack I received. I love the feel of them, and to have them in a familiar size, makes it all the better!!!..Expect an order this week!!! Many thanks.”

“I have tried every pick out there and everything from coins to bone, and your picks are the best!! i finally have the sound i was looking for and the graph tech pick will be all I use from here on out. Thanks so much!!”
- Michael Flynn

“I really like these picks and the articulation I get from them so I will be a user both in the studio and on the stage!”
- Joe Pinnavaia

“I'm extremely impressed by the harmonic picks... I've tested them in the studio and live and am definitely considering making the move from the Wegen picks... they're the best sounding and best playing picks I've tried so far.”
- Julien Bitoun

"I have been a guitarist for 32 years I have used 100's of different picks. These picks really impressed me and have become my favorite. Great tone, excellent attack and articulation."
- YouTube User JPulido421

The Tusq ST .66 is my favorite pick. It's thin and stiff. The raised logos on both sides increases grip. They also have a really natural feel- almost like a bone pick. 
I have cerebral palsy and have played guitar for 25 years. I Never was able to use a pick until last year. I don't have the dexterity to hold most standard pics. But I can hold Tusqs. 
Tusqs are reasonably priced too. I have a mammoth tusk pick that I love but it costs $27.50 a pick.
Tusqs come in at $6/bag. That's about a dollar a pick. You have me sold. 
Keoki johnson

TUSQ Picks are another great product that Graph Tech has to offer. They are very useful especially when I double my acoustic guitar track using different TUSQ Picks. Also it is a really nice option for me to be able to tweak my tone on the fly just changing them on the gig while my amp and effects settings remain the same.” - Takeshi Akimoto

"I just got my new set of guitar picks from you guys(I ordered through my local shop) and I have to say I am in love! I just got the 1.4mm deep teardrop ones! They are totally a kick as product!!!!!! They are not your normal tear shaped pick which made my everloving day! They are the perfect mix of the tear and the jazz so I am in heaven. I and a jazz pick user due to a work accident years ago but these take the cake on fit and comfort! I will be ordering a 6 pack of the bright .88s and deep .88s soon. [...] Thank you for making such a rocking product! (if you ever stop making them send me all the left overs)" - Chris Sheriff

"To play great you have to be in the right head space and much of that rests on your tone. Like your cables, your pick is often a forgotten component to crafting a tone you connect with. GraphTech hit a home run here with their TUSQ picks giving us three options that make a huge difference when it comes to the pick's place in the tone creation. And, not only do I have three great sound options to work with now I also have the added bonus of options with regards to the shape. I've been a big triangle player for longer than I can remember. The bi-angle shape puts a nice spin on that shape that I really dig. Finally, the raised logo provides extra grip that doesn't wear down, which is fantastic!"  - Chris Buono, TrueFire Artist, Hal Leonard/Cengage Learning PTR Author


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