Our Players Share 

"I don't have time for wussy saddles! I need string saddles that can take it! Not get caught up and heat up strings.  I wouldn't think of playing "the Beast" without String Saver saddles, and you can take that to the bank!"  - Dick Dale - King of Surf Guitar

"I've been using the String Saver Saddle with my guitar since 1996 or so and honestly I don't remember when I broke strings the last time. They really work!!" - Takeshi Akimoto

"I love these saddles, I put them on all my guitars, its worth the money. I usually buy the complete bridge, its just a little more but worth it." - YouTube user 38Achilles

"I've used your String Savers for over 17 years without a single string breakage. Your product has probably saved me more than once in live situations. Thank you." - Mick Marcellino - Host of The Amps & Axes Show

"I was skeptical using your string-saver strat saddles, but I must say I am won over. My strat plus breaks no strings anymore, and the guitar resonates much better. The G-string is a bit too lively now, but in general a very pleasant improvement. It counts under the best $10 gear I bought since I started gigging in 1978" L Venter

I thought I would check in with you after changing out the steel saddle’s, Tonight was my first show and I couldn’t break a string if I tried!!  Oh and I tried!!! The Graph Tech saddle’s seem to give my guitar more sustain and a deeper richer body tone, not sure how that could be, but that’s my review on the change, they made a great guitar even better!!!" Dan Lawson

Video by YouTube user deedubslite