PS-8593-00PS-8593-00 : String Saver Originals PRS Wraparound Bridge Saddles (6pcs)

The PS-8593-00 is a great option to upgrade or replace the existing saddles in your PRS wraparound bridge as well as our ResoMax NW bridges.  These are a drop in replacement making for a quick and easy install.

$39.95 USD

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String Saver Originals are made entirely of our String Saver material and give you a more balanced tone than steel saddles.  On first listen, some people believe that the top end has gone away.  All that is missing is the 2KHz spike;  what's added opens up a whole new world of sonic possibilities!  Once your ears get used to the new sound, you will start to hear all the added harmonic content that String Saver Saddles reveal.

  Improved tuning stability
  Impregnated with PTFE
  Increased harmonics  

Our Resomax Wraparound bridges currently ship with imperial posts and bushings. However a metric option is available upon special request (contact 
*Typically North American made instruments are equipped with imperial, and International made instruments are equipped with metric posts and bushings.