PK-7077-00PK-7077-00 : Ghost Acoustic MIDI for Nylon String Guitar

The PK-7077-00 is the Acoustic MIDI system for nylon string guitars.  This allows you to add our Hexpander and Acousti-Phonic to any nylon string guitar.  It gives you access to the fastest tracking MIDI system along as well as an extremely realistic acoustic tone to your classical guitar.

$349.95 USD

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The Acoustic MIDI system for Nylon Stringed Guitar includes:

BN-9277-RU x6 ghost acoustic saddle pickups
BD-5100-00 ghost battery / jack assembly
BD-0077-00 ghost tone control preamp board
BD-0477-00 ghost Acoustic / Hexpander preamp board
BD-0512-12 Hexpander interface wiring harness (non keyed)
BS-0077-00 ghost Pagoda shim
BD-0515-00 13 pin mounting plate
BD-0205-00 Battery holder