PK-0340-00PK-0340-00 : Ghost Acousti-Phonic Preamp Kit for Bass (Advanced)

The PK-0340-00 is the advanced Ghost Acousti-Phonic preamp kit for bass.  It includes all the basic components you need (except pickups) that you will need to add realistic acoustic tone to your electric guitar and adds in the Quickswitch and Mid/Dark Volume pot.

$149.95 USD

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The Acousti-Phonic Kit for Bass includes:

PD-0340-00 Acousti-Phonic Intelligent preamp EQ'd for bass
PD-0103-01 Switchcraft Stereo Switched Output Jack
PE-5003-00 Stereo Output Jack Cable Assembly
PE-5002-00 Acoustic Volume Cable Assembly
PE-0204-00 Battery Connecter (connects 9v to preamp)
PE-0205-00 Battery Holder (metal clip that holds 9V battery)
PE-0111-00 QuickSwitch for mag/both/acoustic
PE-0206-00 Acoustic Volume Pot with Mid/Dark Switch 
PE-5017-00 Summing Board (not pictured)
PE-5021-00 Dual Connector Cable (not pictured)