PE-0440-00PE-0440-00 : Ghost Hexpander MIDI Preamp Kit (Basic)

The PE-0440-00 is our basic Hexpander Preamp Kit.  It has all the components (excluding pickups) that you need to add MIDI capabilities to your guitar or bass.

*You will also need a set of ghost loaded pickups to complete the setup.  We offer pickups sets for guitar and bass.  We have individual sets of ghost loaded saddles as well as complete ghost loaded bridge assemblies.

$189.95 USD

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The Hexpander MIDI interface is for Guitar or Bass and Includes:

PD-0440-00 Hexpander MIDI interface
PD-0540-00 13-pin Output Jack
PD-0515-00 13-pin Mounting Plate
PD-0512-00 Interface Wiring Harness
PD-0511-00 Extension Wiring Harness

The Hexpander does not require a battery because it draws power from the MIDI converter through the 13-pin connector.