PK-0440-00PK-0440-00 : Ghost Hexpander MIDI Preamp Kit (Advanced)

The PK-0440-00 is the advanced version of our Ghost Hexpander preamp kit for guitar and bass.  This allow you to access the fastest tracking 13 pin out to MIDI
.  It adds a volume pot, a QuickSwitch and program up/down switch.

$269.95 USD

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The Hexpander MIDI interface Kit is for Guitar or Bass and Includes:

PD-0440-00 Hexpander MIDI interface
PD-0540-00 13-pin Output Jack
PD-0515-00 13-pin Mounting Plate
PD-0512-00 Interface Wiring Harness
PE-0111-00 QuickSwitch for MIDI/both/guitar
PE-0180-00 Program Up/Down switch
PE-0181-00 Hexpander MIDI Volume Pot
PD-0511-00 Extension Wiring Harness