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"I love how Chops PrePlay gives me the confidence to accurately and consistently execute a wide range of musical styles, leaving my hands feeling completely clean, with just a small application, right before a practice session, rehearsal or live performance. PrePlay effectively neutralises the problem of sticky hands before playing, whilst protecting my guitar's finish and prolonging string life, too. This no doubt has a positive impact on my guitar's long term playability and is invaluable to guitar players and collectors alike." - Nick Sampson, Guitarist - Inner Fire / Zocalo / Splintered Soul 

"Just wanted to let you know I've been using the Chops lotion you gave me at NAMM for all shows/rehearsals and its been great and have noticed my string life has improved due to the lack of acids on my hands before I play so thanks again!"
- Justin

"This stuff is better than advertised. I used it at a couple of gigs and couldn't believe how well it worked. My hands felt great and I had almost no grime on my strings afterward. Also prevents your hand from sticking on the fingerboard. Highly recommended"
- Dave Iannopollo

"The PrePlay gel is very, very good. Here is a post I made at a PRS Forum today:
"The skin on my hands has not felt right for a long time. They always felt oily even after washing. I've tried different soaps and creams, nothing helped.
I received a sample packet of "Chops PrePlay" gel from Graphtech, it was included in a set of saddles I bought. Just a few drops was enough to "Cure" my hands. It balanced the moisture, acid and oil.
I have to say, I agree with all of the statements they make. A major selling point was the list of ingredients; natural extracts. A tube cost $20.USD, that is comparable to other high quality creams and gels that are on the market. Graphtech says there are 200 shots in a tube, I bought one.
My hands feel good while playing, driving the car and doing other daily tasks."
Mike Gorman

"At first I was very skeptical about it. First impression was that this was a thicker dry hand wash in the vein of Purell. Being a guy that does wipe the strings on my guitars before and after playing I did took notice of a difference on how things felt under my fingertip and overall I have to say I was pleased and surprised that it actually did make a difference in feel and comfort. I`ll be looking for it in local stores to grab it."
- Benoit Champagne

"I was talking on the phone with the employee (Tobi Bartel) of a job, he ordered some stuff and then I asked him how everything is going with his band (he plays in a cool cover band called "Ace of Hearts") and he told me that he had to bring his Les Paul to a repair shop to got his lacquering repaired. He plays a lot with this guitar and it is always very hot at their shows and especially in summertime and he is sweating like hell, that's what destroys the lacquering of his guitar.
So he had to spend a lot of money to get his guitar repaired and polished. Then I told him about the Pre Play, he was laughing at first but I convinced him to give it a try. He tried it and now he is using it for every show and for practicing and the problems with the lacquering on the guitar is gone now."
- Warwick

"I have had about 20 + people trying the picks and the “Play”. The “Play” is unanimous with the thumbs up. Everyone is very skeptical about even putting anything on their hands and they expect to “NOT” like it. The key thing is once you actually coerce them into putting on their hands, they love that they cannot tell and it leaves no trace, so they open up after that.
There are so many products of the past like “Finger Ease” and such that put people off anything on their hands, even when they sweat a lot. I still cannot get my own guitar player to use it consistently even though he sweats like a madman and does like it when I force him to use it. His fix for sweating is to sand the finish off the back of his necks to make it work for him. Many like him too!"
- Terry Meyers / Taylor Guitars

"PrePlay is amazing! After you rub it into your skin you feel a very slick smooth feeling while your hands become soft and clean.
Once you start to play you notice all the normal grit pretty much gone and a very smooth fast type of action taking place.Once you try it you always want to use it, you feel clean, fast and smooth. PrePlay is very innovative product and every extra edge counts!"
- Rick Plester

oated strings are a joke , I tried some DR neon ones and they sounded like elastic bands after 2 days. Great concept for this.. imagine adding something to the frets like this."
- YouTube user 

"Pretty cool idea.  GraphTech has proven very creative once again!"
- YouTube user GuillermoSmyser

"Hey Dave. I bought a tube of Chops Pre Play and it's fantastic! I used just a tiny bit an it spreads nicely and was more than enough for both hands. As advertised, a tube easily has around 200 applications as not much is needed to achieve the goal. When I first tried it, I played for about 3 hours and the difference was quite noticeable. My hands produced less moisture than usual (almost nothing) and my fingers slid on the fretboard like a charm. I actually felt more comfortable than usual. At the end, as I always clean the strings after playing, they felt cleaner and were in perfect shape and dry. I could have played another hour with no consequence for the strings or board. In my 30 years of playing I have never seen a product like this. So happy I just ordered a second tube so I always have one at home and carry one on my guitar gear. I'm currently using this product and the teardrop 1.40mm Tusq picks (warm) and I am very happy with GraphTech products. Thanks for dedicating time to make those significant small important products. Cheers!"
- YouTube user Diego A. Umaña