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You Asked, We Answered: Top FAQs about Graph Tech NuBone Guitar Nuts & Saddles

Mar 26, 2018
Plastic nuts and saddles vary greatly; many are made without any consideration for the instrument...


"If you really care about the sound of your instruments, then you need to be very discerning about the materials you use. NuBone saddles and nuts produce a beautiful clarity and tone and we are passionate about tone."
- David Lee, US Music Corp - Washburn, Parker, Jay Turser

Plastic nuts and saddles vary greatly; many are made without any consideration for the instrument, tend to be too soft or too brittle, even hollow, killing tone and sustain. There’s really no reason why you have to accept a cheap, plastic nut or saddle when there are affordable alternatives to improve the sound of your instrument.

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about NuBone:

What’s NuBone?
NuBone is a derivative of Graph Tech's proprietary TUSQ material and offers very similar tonal characteristics to our highly esteemed TUSQ products. NuBone doesn't dampen string vibration like plastic; instead, it transfers the optimum frequencies to the guitar allowing for more volume, more tone, and more harmonics. Also, from a manufacturer’s perspective, NuBone is a pleasure to work with because of the material’s consistency; it files and sands easily, and won't melt on a belt sander.

What’s the difference between TUSQ and NuBone?
The major difference between TUSQ and NuBone is that TUSQ is a slightly harder material and has a slightly brighter sound. The tonal difference is minimal and difficult to identify for most ears.

Why should I carry NuBone at my repair shop?
Products made from NuBone are a superior alternative to those made from plastic. By carrying NuBone at your repair shop, you will finally be able to offer products that deliver amazing tone -- at an affordable price. The products can also be used on entry-level guitars to improve their playability and tone (while remaining within your customer’s budget). Remember, since 80% of all the guitars in the world are sold for under $200, there is a huge market for affordable alternatives to plastic that improve the playing experience.

Why is NuBone only available in pre-slotted and compensated models?
In short: price. 

The cost of labour is what drives up the price of the product itself, so if we were to offer customized NuBone nuts and saddles, they would sit at an equivalent price point with the premium TUSQ products.

Why is NuBone only available in packs of 10 pieces?
Actually, NuBone is also available in three different packaging options. It comes in a 10-pack, a 5-pack, or a convenient Master Luthier Kit. This kit comes with our nine most popular nuts and three most popular saddles, for a total of 50 pieces.

If you’re building a custom guitar yourself, here are some installation guides to help you out:

●     Guitar Nut Installation Instructions

●     Bass Nut Installation Instructions

●     Acoustic Saddle Installation Instructions

●     Electric Saddle Installation Instructions

Will NuBone improve the sound on my guitar?
When compared to plastic, bone or Corian, NuBone will improve the tone of your guitar, increase sustain and help create a more balanced sound from string to string.


And there you have it! If you have any other questions about our NuBone nuts and saddles (or any of our other products) send us a message on Facebook or reach us using this contact form.