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Graph Tech helps keep your guitar KLŌS when you travel...

Sep 13, 2017
As a musician, you know traveling with your guitar can be difficult. Different air temperatures and humidity levels can augment the wood, strings and tuning in a way that can significantly impact your playing.

As a musician, you know traveling with your guitar can be difficult. Different air temperatures and humidity levels can augment the wood, strings and tuning in a way that can significantly impact your playing.

The Klosowiak brothers wanted to create a sustainable solution to this problem. Through extensive research and an iterative prototyping process, they came up with a model that would be sturdy enough to survive the bumps and jostles of a trip, and even the environmental variations of daily life.

"As a composite guitar company, we were naturally drawn to Graph Tech since they are known to be the best in the industry. That's been our experience and we're excited to keep building our higher-end deluxe model guitars with them!" - Klosowiak brothers


Carbon fibre guitars

KLŌS guitars are constructed from carbon fibre.

Carbon fibre, an infusion of durable fibres and the strongest of resins, is a material commonly found in the aerospace and automotive industries. In this case, it was chosen for its durability, strength and resonance. Carbon fibre also provides more volume to a guitar body than a wooden counterpart of the same size.

Creating the perfect marriage of material, KLŌS guitars use mahogany for the neck and neck blocks of the guitar because of the wood’s lightness and good resistance to thermal and humidity changes. The particular scale length and the number of frets were chosen to give a comfortable and proportional feel when playing. 


Bright, resonant sound

If you’re worried about the sound quality of the guitar because of its compact size, you’ll find it has a bright and resonant sound, with impressive sustain and good intonation. The volume and punch is, in fact, rather incredible for a small volume guitar; the layup, resin formulation, infusion, and curing have been perfectly matched to create a body that resonates across the entire frequency range.

KLŌS guitars are available as Acoustics, Acoustic Electrics -- or as Deluxe Models. The Deluxe is a fully decked out version of the guitar, featuring ebony wood bridge pins, micro-coated D’Addario EXP26 strings, Graph Tech’s innovative TUSQ nut and saddle, Graph Tech’s Ratio® machine heads, and more. 


KLŌS up: Graph Tech gear

TUSQ nuts and saddles create a significant increase in harmonic content and sustain, which helps deliver more richness and character to your tone. They’re precision engineered under high pressure and heat, governing which frequencies are transferred to your guitar top (tone), and which frequencies remain in the strings (sustain).

Graph Tech Ratio® Tuned Machine Heads have tuned the gear ratios to each string position, so every string responds in the same manner to tuning adjustments. This enables the user to experience fine tuning on thicker core strings, and coarser tuning on thinner core strings (anywhere from 12:1 to 39:1 gear ratios). And in general, being able to tune quicker and more accurately.

Around the world

User reviews confirmed KLŌS guitars have successfully followed them on trips around the world -- from mountain trails to stage shows in different countries. In fact, the durable, lightweight instrument even encourages people to play their guitars more often, since the worry factor is removed.

The below KLŌS guitar even made it to 20,310 feet above sea level (on Mt. Denali), surrounded by ice, snow and wind, and came out alive. Whatever the season, wherever the adventure, rain or shine -- there’s now a guitar to keep you company.


Where will you go next?

If you’re a KLŌS guitar owner or are planning to buy one soon, take a picture of your adventure (or adventure to be) and let us know by tagging us on social media!

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